We are a team of borderless thinkers and makers working together to produce one-of-a-kind brand identities, web solutions and immersive experiences.
_Our works are accessible, easy to use, and captivating.
_A mix of design thinking explorations and R&D
is our recipe for success.
_Also, we tame AIs for fun.

what we offer

We’re known for sharing knowledge and expertise with our customers, by providing them with access to the latest technologies and navigating them through. We take our clients from stage A – the concept ideation phase to Z – the final build of the finished software for their project. We guide our clients in exploring and piloting digital innovation with the ultimate goal of bringing real value to real people.

tech hotline
Tech hotline is our go-to service for creative and innovative ideas that have never been done before.
rapid prototyping
We advocate a hands-on approach. So research is the first step, followed by a decision making process and once the chosen route deems to be promising: we execute. For this kind of prototyping, oftentimes all we need is a high-fidelity wireframe on which we can base an MVP in order to prove the viability of a concept to the most demanding of stakeholders.
immersive experiences
Since two years we have been diving deep in order to provide viewers with unique virtual event experiences. We deliver truly exciting results by developing virtual event strategies that keep the users engaged and enable them to actively partake in an event in the world or virtual. It’s now a big part of who we are ever since we collaborated with artists such as Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots to name just a few.
blockchain solutions
Changing tomorrow in the now. We’re looking to shape the way services will look like in the future. It has been endlessly exciting to build blockchain-based solutions and work on creating NFT’s for projects with such meaningful purposes such as freeing the world of censorship, making art accessible or even creating a novel and tailor-made marketplace with the help of these technologies. Our expertise and enthusiasm alongside our client’s vision is the perfect combo to take defiant steps into the future of the internet and soar ahead of competition.

selected projects

We use the power of technology to solve complex problems and create one-of-kind solutions for our clients.


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we are an experienced team
of technical enthusiasts

With 8 core team players, we manage a team of developers in accordance with project needs. Our reliable network enables us to scale in the process of collaboration.

dieter pries_
founder and ceo
elena pries_
founder and coo
pavel larionov_
creative technologist
maxim pries_
lead developer
katya kovaleva_
program manager
viviana robles_
project manager
frédéric urien_
product manager



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We are located in the heart of Hamburg, in the Hafencity. You are more than welcome to reach out.

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