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Cosa, a luxury travel brand offers exclusive and highly personalized itineraries for travelers. Over the years they have gathered a vast database of experiences in various locations around the globe. However it is extremely difficult to visualize so many options in a user friendly manner.

In the course of revamping all of their corporate design, the website too needed to be revived. The brand founders wished for the website to be a place that would not only capture the luxurious essence of the brand, but also cater to a wide range of audiences – from people in their 30ies to senior individuals. It was also their wish to incorporate their vast database of possible travel itineraries in all of the regions that Cosa operates in.

The main difficulty was to visualize the full spectre of locations and options the company offers, while still keeping things simple to use and neat. The Cosa website was to become unlike any other travel portal, as they offer exclusive tours tailored to the needs of the individual customer or group. It was our job to translate this to the users in order to persuade the consumers to choose Cosa over the usual big players of the travel industry.


Our goal was to create a visually alluring web experience, that would capture the companies spirit and translate it to the blue screens. We wanted the website open the world of Cosa experiences to the user at a glance and be easy and intuitive to navigate at the same time., This aspect would make it attractive to use for all ages in question. We wanted to literally make the whole world accessible – like an open book. Our aim was to enable the user to become inspired, and to be easily able to browse the vast database and the possible experiences in any place on earth.

_what we did

We created a map view of the globe on the home page, that includes all of the destinations and links them to the high-end articles about these various places. The map is linked to a sophisticated search and filtering engine which allows users to filter by a range of possible properties. This allows them to search by activity type, whilst connecting to a region of interest as well as a particular time of the year. In order to keep track of recent searches the bookmark function makes saving favorites easy and practical.

The design of the site keeps things airy and sophisticated, whilst naturllay being optimized to desktop, mobile and various screen sizes.


A clean, intuitive and highly luxurious web experience. It guesses the whims of the user and gently guides them through, from the very beginning of the brainstorming phase right down to the grand finale – booking a highly personalised trip, unlike any other. A travel-bible packed with all the vibrant opportunities Cosa can cater, whilst tending to the every need of a traveler. The Cosa website opens the doors to a travel experience as unique and as unforgettable as the wonders of the world are themselves.

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Judith Freiberger

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