BMW AR Launch of M3 & M4

client: BMW
partner: David+Martin


Corona is also reshaping the automotive industry. 2020 has taken us off the streets of our cities – the main podiums for any automobile. With few of us left outside, BMW sought to find a way to unveil the new M3 and M4 models and let them roar for anyone who is eager to listen.


The goal was to rethink the classical Showroom in order to introduce BMW’s new models. In close collaboration with our colleagues from David+Martin, their premiere was moved entirely into virtual space.


Now that a regular vehicle premiere has become impossible, the obvious connection of these two cars to lifestyle and motorsport-affine audiences, made Instagram the obvious choice as a stage. We created photorealistic 3D AR Filters for Instagram for the M3 and M4 Series. In this virtual dream, users could place the car anywhere they liked in their immediate environment, rotating the models via pinch and drag. Then, the model would come alive with a flash of its headlights and the distinctive roar of the M series motors upon touching the screen.


Over 500,000 views within just 7 days. An array of influencer activations boosted the campaign worldwide to generate the appropriate attention. A totally novel way of presenting new models to prospective fans and buyers was born.








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