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AI Translators, Livestream solutions, Autonomous Driving VR Experiences, Machine Learning — you name it — we’ve probably tinkered with it.

Each of the projects we produced for our clients and with our partners followed a unique idea and included individual and innovative digital features. While each of our projects is highly unique, the technological bases we created can be applied to other purposes and use cases as well. We want to show you some of them

what we offer

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immersive virtual experience
A tool for fully customizable and branded virtual experiences for any type of livestream event such as concerts, fashion shows etc or whole virtual 3D environments to present brands, product or NFT drops, and many more…
NFT platform
A NFT platform that is a fully customizable and brandable marketplace which enables brands and agencies to offer services, experiences, and products to customers based on web3 and web2 technologies. Each NFT on the marketplace can be bundled and tied to a certain utility of a physical or digital nature, e.g., services, products, experiences.
NFT configurator
A configurator that allows users to customize an item, visualizes the customization, and enables them to directly purchase their customized item as NFT.
interactive video framework
A seamless interactive video creation tool that allows users to experience an interactive storyline with film-like transitions. With the help of an integrated algorithm, it is also possible to deliver an individual score at the end of the experience.
isometric game framework
A game editor that lets you create a virtual world for users to explore. Create fully customizable & brandable characters and other interactive features and places.
content recognition
A customizable and brandable solution that recognizes content in various ways, such as enabling users to highlight text passages on websites. Based on our algorithm it highlights the most important passages. Or a text-based dialog software (chat bot) that allows users chatting with a technical system, which can also be amplified with machine learning.
intelligent solutions
Due to the exponential evolution of technological possibilities and screen capabilities, we are able to develop ever more intelligent solutions. These include physical but digital out of home campaigns, augmented reality solutions and intelligent apps for a wide variety of purposes. You can build experiences that are not only customizable & brandable, but also can be more immersive and interactive than ever.

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