content recognition

what it is

A customizable and brandable solution that recognizes content in various ways, such as…

…enabling users to highlight text passages on websites. Based on our algorithm it highlights the most important passages.

…building a text-based dialog software (chat bot) that allows users chatting with a technical system, which can also be amplified (e.g., with machine learning) to deliver dynamic answers in more complex setups.

how it works

Browser extension that makes texts on any page recognizable and clickable
Users can choose and submit sentences (tagged as critical)
Our algorithm defines which of the sentences are critical and colorizes them accordingly
Can be used as a chatbot, browser extension or speech assistant (i.e. Alexa) and integrated into messaging platforms, websites, and mobile apps
Service can analyse text (as well as images and audio) and give answers according to the specific use case
Use of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to understand & respond (i.e. answering questions, providing recommendations or assisting with transactions depending on user input

how it can be used

Built a browser plug-in..

…with the user-generated content recognition you could allow readers to collaboratively mark, comment, and highlight passages of any text. The underlying Algorithm aggregates what users marked and can show this on the frontend of the text (e.g., colors, importance, links between individual passages or important notes, etc.).

or built a chat bot…

…With the emergence of sophisticated language models like GPT-3/ChatGPT, it is possible to create very specific support systems with a wide application spectrum. For example, it is possible to create a virtual tutor – a complimentary service for the educational courses and serve it to users, hence save time and costs of answering the questions and improve the quality of the answers, as those will be tailored to the exact question.

Interested in seeing how this can look like in practice?