immersive virtual experience

what it is

A tool for fully customizable and branded virtual experiences for…

…any type of livestream event such as concerts, fashion shows etc

…whole virtual 3D environments to present brands, product or NFT drops, and many more…


how it works

Stream content either from the real physical space or create a 3D environment
Users can add their own content to the gallery during the event
3D environments where you can look around and interact with objects (Google Street style)
Different rooms, that can be accessed through a burger menu and assets or touch points in the rooms
Place interactive assets (e.g. any iframe / HTML content like videos, forms or products to buy) anywhere in the room in 2D or 3D context
Users can download assets during the event or see real-time lyrics during the concert
Integration of applications (e.g. chat, fanwall, share the moment, photo booth, etc.) that can be brought up and removed in real-time
Users can ask questions during Q&A sessions with the host of the event or invite friends and watch the event together
Users could purchase souvenirs, merchandise, or anything else depending on the concept of the event

how it can be used

Create an immersive customer experience that accompanies the full customer journey from start to end. Fashion shows amongst others are mainly a passive experience for the audience even though they have the goal to sell products. With our solution you can bring events for product drops or announcements into a virtual world. By doing so you can create a unique experience for the audience and enable them to interact and directly pre-order or purchase products.

Interested in seeing how this can look like in practice?

> check out our Billie Eilish livestream experience

Want to explore how you can use immersive virtual experiences?

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