nft platform

what it is

The NFT platform is a fully customizable and brandable marketplace that enables brands and agencies to offer services, experiences, and products to customers based on web3 and web2 technologies. Each NFT on the marketplace can be bundled and tied to a certain utility of a physical or digital nature, e.g., services, products, experiences.


how it works

Create collections for different items (e.g. example restaurants) and create Bundle NFT (master nft) within collections (e.g. a table for 52 weeks, Friday 7pm)
Bid and win on auction or instant buy the Bundle NFT and pay with FIAT (for Web2 Users)
Each Single NFT can be provided with a confirmation code, sent over email or revealed on the platform. this can serve as physical identification passcode on-site (e.g. closed events, memberships, coupons etc.)
Owners get a defined amount of Single NFTs minted, according to the amount set in Bundle (for example Single NFT for each week for a table representing a reservation for the table)
Owners can resell the Single NFTs in Auctions or via instant sell (in example trade with reservations)
Custom royalties for the platform, collection owner and single NFTs owner

how it can be used

You can create a fully customized and branded marketplace that enables your client/brand not only to sell NFTs but also tie them to your particular services, products, experience or any other items in the real or virtual world. This makes the solution versatile and flexible and unlocks limitless possibilities of interaction with customers, partners or any other type of audience.

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