interactive video framework

what it is

A seamless interactive video creation tool that allows users to experience an interactive storyline with film-like transitions. With the help of an integrated algorithm, it is also possible to deliver an individual score at the end of the experience.


how it works

You can define scenes of videos and connect them
You can place buttons on custom positions and let them lead you to other video scenes. In this way, different stories (paths) can be played
The videos load seamlessly by having the next scenes preloaded and only show the newly chosen one
You can integrate special integrations (e.g., drag and drop), looping, or specified ambient sounds and define in which directions a button should appear
The decisions and paths taken in the story can be tracked and visualized at the end of the story
Desktop and mobile compatibility

how it can be used

An interactive film. Each choice that users make leads to a new piece of content that adds to the story, makes a twist, or a loop. What if it can be a never-ending movie? Or a multiverse? That’s all possible depending on the client and the story that we can come up with together.


A game. Users can interact with the content, e.g. playing the game (“How China Are You?”). We create video content and add interactions: buttons, polls, and quizzes. We can also add an option to purchase items that users see on the screen.

Interested in seeing how this can look like in practice?

> check out the project “How China are you?”

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