intelligent solutions

what it is

Due to the exponential evolution of technological possibilities and screen capabilities, we are able to develop ever more intelligent solutions. These include physical but digital out of home campaigns, augmented reality solutions and intelligent apps for a wide variety of purposes. You can build experiences that are not only customizable & brandable, but also can be more immersive and interactive than ever.

We have been working on AI not just since ChatGPT. But of course, the new large language models offer an indescribable amount of new possibilities, from efficiency-increasing automation in companies internally, to content generation of all kinds, to the automation of tools of all kinds, the new wave of innovations will have a revolutionary impact on the entire market, similar to digitization.

We call this “intelligentization”.

how it works

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how it can be used

Create an immersive customer experience at the POS or on an event. Use interactive touchscreens or Augmented Reality applications to enhance information available at a physical space. Use image recognition, object recognition, recognize mimics or gestures of people and apply actions to all of these interactions.

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