Jul 1, 2018

Touch See React v1.0

written by Dieter

This was the first approach for a project during study in 2008. I called it „the iPad 0.1“. The main idea was to invent a innovative gastronomy ordering system, which allows you to create your custom pizza and send your settings to the cook in form of a order. It is combining different fields of expertise:

Wood Manufacturing / Video Equipment / Beamer / Infrared Filter / Heat Control / Computer-Hardware / Multitouch recognition / Action Script AS3 and some Frameworks


The first step was the app „fingerfood“ –  I built a table prototype and rough box for the hardware and developed the application.  Well – the first version. At this point it was mainly a digital menu that allowed you to see what you will get and to decide for the size of the pizza intuitively.

But of course there has also happened a lot behind the scenes. A whole computer was set up in the box – connected to a beamer, that streams the graphical output onto a diffusive surface (acrylic glass) – it replaces a monitor in a usual desktop setting. A camera attached to the bottom of the box is capturing the surface to recognize when someone touches the surface. How this can be achieved I will tell soon.

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