Sep 4, 2018

Mission 828

A fresh breeze strokes your face. One step at a time, you climb up a window facade using your suction pads, as you decide to take a short break. As you look down, you see the rooftops of Qatar from a dizzying height. Surely, an impression that burns into the very depths of your memory. There’s no time to enjoy this remarkable moment, because of the upcoming cyber attack which you must prevent!

Hired by the Dubai-based digital studio DigiComm this amazing project was developed by Inition, a well-known London-based technology innovation agency, specialized in the development of immersive and installation-based experiences.


We at HYPERINTERACTIVE are amazed by the extraordinary way Inition solved the problem of witnessing the height of the world’s tallest Building and are left with a lasting impression. We picked a couple of points with the help of which we’d like to explain why we think this is a superb project.

UX – We love excitement!

Beyond the tingling sensation of facing the extraordinary height of the Burj Khalifa (828 meters), the user gets to be a part of a cinematic and plot-driven story. It’s like a real-time action movie but the user has to interact with the environment to contribute to accomplishing this adventurous mission.

The possibilities are far more diverse in a virtual-3D-realm than on a flat screen. It’s not an easy thing to keep the user focused without demolishing his urge to explore. Inition found a great compromise and did not only reach the user on a visual and auditory level, but also integrated the sense of touch pretty well.

Technology – We love commitment!

The feeling of immersion is created by a mixture of various technologies. Besides the HTC Vive and the appropriate controller, the human-sized simulation pod is equipped with physical 4D cues, 360 spatial sound, and simulated wind. Moreover, to make this experience even more realistic, Inition used hi-end CG elements and real-world footage recorded by drones.

Usability – We love usefulness!

All in all, the immersion takes approximately four minutes for a price of around 8 Euros plus the entry fees for the building itself. So it’s an intense but rather short undergoing.

Nonetheless, the concept is very well implemented and poses as an outstanding example of creating a satisfying user experience using VR technology.
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