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Create a cutting-edge website with progressive features to highlight the spirit of innovation our client – voraus robotik – posesses. As voraus robotik reinvents how automation is tackled by introducing a user friendly operation system for robots (“android OS, but for robots”), we were approached with a mission as ambitious as our client’s vision. Their challenge to us was clear: to craft a website that would underline the innate nature of voraus robotik via unexpected and seamless technological solutions.


Our twofold objective was to emphasize their innovative identity and to ensure user-friendliness for their target audiences. Recognizing that Voraus Robotik’s core essence lies in their unwavering commitment to innovation and the automation of processes, we aimed to mirror these values in both the design and functionality of their website.

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Taking inspiration from the world of automation, we set out to create a website that would cater the exact view, a specific type of user would prefer to see. We designed multiple viewing modes, ensuring a tailored experience would pick up all of their audiences. Whether a user sought an engaging storytelling format to understand the product, a minimal text-focused technical description, or a feature-rich playback experience –  the website can serve them all.

Engineers, a significant part of their target audience, often use ultra-wide monitors and night mode on their browsers. To address their needs, we introduced fluid break points which adapt to the screen size seamlessly and added a night-mode switch.

At the heart of voraus robotik’s offerings was their revolutionary robot operating system. Naturally, potential users would have some questions and a demand for clarification. So additionally to a conventional FAQ section, we took an innovative approach – a specially trained AI assistant. This chatbot is able to process natural language requests, no matter how technically complex. It provides instant answers to any questions related to the company and its products. This transforms the user experience into an interactive and efficient one, while keeping the FAQ section neat, compact and easy to use.


The outcome of our collaboration with voraus robotik was inspiring. Their new corporate website now acts as a beacon of innovation within the robotics industry. A blend of voraus corporate identity and the latest trends in graphic design, it stands out and makes a statement. The diversification of view-modes represents the adaptability of the brand. The introduction of the AI chatbot not only streamlined user interaction, but also reinforced voraus robotik’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

In the end, we didn’t just create a website; we forged a digital product that exhibits voraus robotik’s core values to the world. Our collaboration brought a unique narrative to life, one that not only educates but also inspires. Voraus robotik’s online presence is now an ode to their commitment to innovation and automation.

See the project live at vorausrobotik.com


Voraus Robotik






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