Apple_Ring shaped devices

Eight months ago, I shared insights into Apple’s initial push into ring-shaped wearable devices. Today, I’m thrilled to report significant advancements in this domain!

just in

Apple’s expanding its wearable technology with a new line of ring-shaped devices – not just for fingers, but for the whole body! Think smart rings, bracelets, and even necklaces.

why it matters

This isn’t just about gadgets. It’s about redefining how we interact with technology – hands-free control, health monitoring, and enhanced security, all in a sleek, wearable form.

my thoughts

I’m thrilled to see where this goes, especially for screenless and mixed reality applications it allows for more accurate and seamless UX. Apple’s pushing boundaries again, and it’s exciting to be a witness!


Dieter Pries


December 5th, 2023

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